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Vietnam Terms & Acroynms

Murphy’s Laws of Combat         Roger’s Rangers Rules

Story of the First Navy Flame Boat (Zippo)        Old News clippings


Mobile Riverine Force Letter Nov, 2000

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Cowboy Heroes That Made us What we are!

Just posted-Vn Casuality Database for your computer-also keep watching for updates on Agent Orange and Veteran info-wanted AFVN sounds/tapes prior to 1967-email webmaster

Agent Orange Information/historyinfo

Veterans Info (claims)Updated monthly!info

Extensive 9th Inf Div history with maps          9th Inf Div P.O.W. info

9th Infantry Division Casuality List from the Vietnam Memorial

History of Vietnam War

Vietnam Era MOS- find your branch and your MOS 

VC & NVA info  

Install on your computer a VN Casuality database

My book "Pandora's Box"

Some of My Writings

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