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Silver Rose=Agent Orange Award

Agent Orange Terminology compiled by Gary D. Moore

Chemicals Used In Military Operations During The Vietnam War

National Assocation of Disabled Veterans Service officers

The complete Agent Orange Info Book-Online

Vietnam Veterans of America  

Association Birth Defects Children this is an organization that is NOT veteran, yet supports us... please support ABDC!

Crow's Nest, The A veteran information site (e.g., VA Healthcare, POW-MIA, Honor Roll for Agent Orange Victims, etc.)

National Academy of Science - Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 1996 List of AO cancers.
New Jersey Agent Orange Commission Updates on the NJAOC

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Please also try Operation Help at For VA Information

.  Will I be eligible for medical treatment?
Even if you decide not to file a claim based on exposure to herbicide, you can still get a free physical examination at the nearest VA Medical Center.  You may also be entitled to free ongoing medical treatment at a VA medical facility.  You should contact the nearest VA medical facility or you can obtain information and an application for health beefits at the Veterans Health Administration web site at or by calling 1-877-222-8387

.  Where can I get a copy of the National Academy of Sciences Study on Herbicide/Dioxin Expousre and Type 2 Diabetes?
You can download a copy of the study from the NAS web site at .

 The 2001 VA. Benefits Handbook is available for download at . I suggest that you do not
 print it as it is quite large and available in hard copy from the U. S.
 Government Printing Office

Agent Orange Victims and Families Page. Built and maintained by Joe Oliver, this is another valuable site for those concerned about AO/Dioxin - another of those gifts that keeps on giving.
AO Vets Video

Veterans and Agent Orange - Health Effects of Herbicides used in Vietnam

What is Dioxin? This brief but excellent report by Dr. Lewis A. Shadoff, BS, Ph.D explains what Dioxin is from a scientific perspective. The report includes information on molecular structure and toxicity.

Where is Dioxin? Part 1 This report by Dr. Shadoff (one of two parts) gives information on where dioxins are and how they got there.

What is Dioxin? Part 2 Part two of the preceding report.

Lewis A. Shadoff, BS, Ph.D. A brief bio and list of references used for the above reports.

Agent Orange Risks to Reproduction - The Limits of Epidemiology

Veterans and Agent Orange - Health Effects of Herbicides used in Vietnam