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                Health problems not currently covered under VA programs!

Please go over any health problems that you or a fellow Vietnam Vet is having that the VA states is not covered currently. For example--any cancers, tumors not on the agent orange list. If you know of any Agent Orange links to be posted, research papers, any related material I will find the space and create a separate section for them-this includes a FAQ section and posting of Agent Orange updates.

This was started by helping a fellow Vet apply for benefits when he stated that he had lost one Kidney due to tumors and the other kidney now has growths on it.. I will tell you that the driving factor was hearing that others had the same problem; then on April, 2001 the MRI stated that I had the same thing happening to me. So I accepted the personal challenge to find out what other problems other Veterans of Vietnam have and submit regular reports to the Veterans Administration and DC on the results. We can make a difference - But too many times we live in our own circles and when turned down by the VA -- it stops there. I have not been able to locate any list of turned down illness' or numbers of Veterans denied benefits-only the number of cases currently receiving benefits in general.

Please note that some of the information contained on this site is gathered from the web/internet and various sites that cover agent orange. Please visit the links page and you will find other sources. 

If not for us then lets do it for other veterans of the future and our families left with unanswered questions.

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