The Lighter's are available by request Email Vietnam Lighters

Remember the time period and location-some of the language is obscene

See the list below for what to order

there are more available-not listed--please contact at the above email!

Three (3) lighters for $40

All lighters are engraved with various dates and places.

(2) I love the fucking army and the army loves fucking me.* (3) Please donít tell me about Vietnam because I have been there.* (4) When this Marine dies he will go to heaven for he has spent his this in hell.* (6) Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.* (7) If you donít know what hell is like, fuck with me and youíll find out.* (9) When I die I know I am going to heaven because I have spent my time in hell, here.* (10) Ours is not to do or die, ours is to smoke and stay high.* (16) Fighter by day, lover by night, drunkard by choice soldier by mistake.* (21) Being in the army is like using a rubber, it gives you a feeling of security while youíre getting fucked.* (23) And the Lord said let there be Marines and the fish rose from the sea. * (25) Love by night, fighter by day, killer by choice Marine by mistake.* (30) Too young to vote but not to die, to young to love but too old to cry.* (31) Black is the velvet of midnight sky.Black is so beautiful it makes me wanta cry.* (32) Life is sweet for those who have fought for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know.* (33) If you want to make love, smile when you hand me back this lighter.* (34) Always ripped or always stoned I made a year Iím going home. * (39) Peace is today and tomorrow is yesterday.* (40) The Marine Corps is a festering pimple on the ass of my sanity.* (41) It seems the days in the army are the longest days on the earth.* (42) Where there is love there is life, without love there is no life.* (43) We have done so much for so long with so little, that now we can do anything with nothing forever.* (44) Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.* (46) The more days you've been in the army the more hell you've gotten.* (47) You may fall on a hill you may fall on a mountain but the biggest fall you'll ever make is when you fall in love.* (48) If god made anything better then pussy he keep it for himself. * (49) We have raised more hell on the Vietcong then any other out fit.* (50) Let me win your heart and mind or i'll burn your God Damn hut down.* (51) War is hell but actual combat is a son of a bitch.* (52) I'm an alcoholic in case of accident get me a beer.* (53) Vietnam is the land that God forgot but I've been there and I remember.* (54) With booze you loose with dope there's hope.* (55) When this trooper dies he will rot in the mud like any other fucking animal.* (56) Let peace forever hold her way over the earth.* (57) Killing for peace is like fucking for virginity.* (58) This man is going to heaving for he has spent his time in hell here.* (59) For those who fought for it freedom is a thing the protected will never know.* (60) One has never lived till he has almost died Life has a flavor the protected will never know.* (61) If you know what hell is fuck with me and you will know it.* (62) If you think sex is excitng try in coming.* (63) Always ripped or always stoned I made it a year I'm going home.* (64) Vietnam, the mixture of up and down.* (65) Fighter by day, lover by night, drunkard by choice army by mistake.*