Important Phone numbers and Address



telephone voice and fax numbers to contact the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), St. Louis, Mo. , in reference to obtaining the Standard Form 180, Request Pertaiing to Military Records.

Operation is simple. You will hear a recorded message explaining the need to send in a written request. You will then be asked to provide your name and address where the Standard Form (SF) 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records must be sent. You will also be asked to leave a telephone number if there is a medical emergency.

Reference Branch Phone #
for SF 180
Fax #
Army Reference Branch
Provides reference service on Army records, 1960 to present
(314) 538-4261 (314) 538-4175
Air Force Reference Branch
Provides reference service on Air Force records:

1947-1963 (for individuals with last names of A through Hubbard, James D.)
(314) 538-4243 (314) 538-4175
Records Reconstruction Branch
Provides reference service on records damaged in the 1973 fire at NPRC.

Army records:
Air Force records:
1947-1963 (for individuals with last names after Hubbard, James D.)
(314) 538-4261 (314) 538-4175
Navy Reference Branch
Provides reference service on Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard records at NPRC
(314) 538-4141 (314) 538-4175



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Archives II


SYMBOL  ROOM   BLDG      ORGANIZATION OR TITLE                        PHONE         IN CHARGE

N       4200   AII       ARCHIVIST OF THE UNITED STATES               301-713-6410  John W. Carlin
ND      4200   AII       DEPUTY ARCHIVIST/CHIEF OF STAFF              301-713-6410  Lewis J. Bellardo
NDEV    3200   AII       Development Staff                            301-713-6146  Naomi Revzin
NEEO    4400   AII       EEO & Diversity Programs                     301-713-6935  Robert Jew
NGC     3110   AII       General Counsel                              301-713-6025  Gary M. Stern
NCON    3200   AII       Congressional and Public Affairs Staff       301-713-7070  John A. Constance
        3200   AII         Public Affairs                             301-713-6000  Susan Cooper
NPOL    4100   AII       Policy and Communications Staff              301-713-7360  Lori A. Lisowski
ISOO    18N    AI        Information Security Oversight Office        202-219-5250  Steven Garfinkel
NHPRC   111    AI        Natl. Historical Pubs. & Records Commission  202-501-5600  Ann Clifford Newhall
        111    AI        Deputy Director                              202-501-5600  Roger A. Bruns
OIG     1300   AII       Office of the Inspector General              301-713-7300  Paul Brachfeld
        1300   AII         Audits                                     301-713-7300  James Springs
        1300   AII         Investigations                             301-713-7300  Ralph E. McNamara
        1300   AII         Counsel                                    301-713-7300  Jennifer Hepler
NA      4200   AII       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES            301-713-6400  Adrienne C. Thomas
        B-21   AI        Archives I Renovation Staff                  202-219-0720  Patrick Alexander
NAA     3360   AII         Acquisitions Services Division             301-713-6755  Sylvia Edwards
NAB     5200   AII         Financial Services Division                301-713-6810  David M. Millane
NABB    5200   AII           Budget Branch                            301-713-6820  William H. Denton
NABF    5200   AII           Finance Branch                           301-713-6830  Philip J. Giza
NAR     5100   AII         Revolving Fund Finance Staff               301-713-6820  Michael Whitacre
NAT     5106   AII         National Archives Trust Fund Division      301-713-6405  Evelyn A. Brown
        5106   AII           Cashiers Office - AII                    301-713-6990  Joan Edelen
        G-1    AI            Cashiers Office - AI                     202-501-5170  Mary Ann Chumney
NAF     2320   AII         Facilities & Materiel Mgmt. Services Div.  301-713-6470  Gary E. Marino
NAFM    2320   AII           Facilities Management Branch - AII       301-713-6500  Mark D. Sprouse
        B-21   AI            Facilities Management Branch - AI        202-501-5040  Timothy H. Edwards
NAS     2300   AII         Space & Security Management Division       301-713-6750  Stephen E. Hannestad
        2300   AII         Information Security                       301-713-6750  Virginia A. Hall
        2300   AII         Personnel Security                         301-713-6750  Mary Gallion
        2300   AII         Safety & Building Security - AII           301-713-6750  Paula L. Ayres
        B-0    AI          Safety & Building Security - AI            202-501-5020  Ken Slarb

NF      700    NCAP      OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL REGISTER               202-523-4534  Raymond A. Mosley
        700    NCAP      Special Assistant                            202-523-4534  James W. Hemphill
NFL     700    NCAP        Legal Affairs & Policy Staff               202-523-4534  Michael L. White
NFS     700    NCAP        Publications & Services Group              202-523-4534  Frances D. McDonald
NFT     700    NCAP        Technical Support Staff                    202-523-4534

NH      4400   AII       OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCES & INFO. SERVICES   301-713-6402  L. Reynolds Cahoon
NHP     4400   AII         Info. Resources Policy & Projects Div.     301-713-6730  Martha Morphy (A)
NHT     1510   AII         Info. Technology Services Division         301-713-6415  Dorothy Fields (A)
NHTO    1510   AII           Info. Technology Operations Branch       301-713-6415  Dorothy Fields
        1060   NPRC            Staff                                  314-538-4404  Ken McBride
NHH     1200   AII         Human Resources Services Division          301-713-6760  Henry Leibowitz
NHHO    2002   NPRC          Human Resources Operations Branch        314-538-4943  Jerry Pirtle
                               TDD (St. Louis)                        314-538-4799
                               TDD (Washington, DC)                   301-713-6760
NHHR    1200   AII           Employee Relations & Benefits Branch     301-713-6760  Henry Leibowitz (A)
NHS     1200   AII         Staff Development Services                 301-713-7390  Marilyn Bott
NW      3400   AII       OFFICE OF RECORDS SERVICES - WASHINGTON, DC  301-713-7000  Michael J. Kurtz
        3400   AII       Deputy Assist. Arch. for Records Services    301-713-7000  Howard Lowell
        3400   AII       Director, Staff Operations                   301-713-7010  Edith James
NWL     8E     AI          Center for Legislative Archives            202-501-5350  Michael L. Gillette
        2400   AII           Supervisory Archivist                    301-713-7250  R. Michael McReynolds
        8E     AI              Supervisory Archives Technician        301-713-6630  John Lemanowicz, Jr.
NWM     2100   AII         Modern Records Programs                    301-713-7110  Michael Miller
NWML    2100   AII           Life Cycle Management Division           301-713-7100  Marie B. Allen
        2100   AII             Supervisory Archivist                  301-713-7110  Jerome Nashorn
        5320   AII             Supervisory Archives Specialist        301-713-7100  William G. Lefurgy
NWME    5320   AII           Elect. & Spec. Media Records Svcs. Div.  301-713-6635  Michael Carlson
        5320   AII               Supervisory Archivist                301-713-6630  Thomas Brown
        5320   AII               Supervisory Archivist                301-713-6645  Margaret Adams
NWMD    2600   AII           Initial Processing/Declassification Div. 301-713-7160  Jeanne Schauble
        2614   AII             Civilian/Early National Group          301-713-7160  Ronald Swerczek
        2614   AII               Civilian                             301-713-7160  Ronald Swerczek
        8W     AI                Early National Group                 202-501-5465  Teresa F. Matchette
        2613   AII             Military Group                         301-713-7147  Anthony Fantozzi
        2613   AII               Army/Airforce                        301-713-7147  Anthony Fantozzi
        2600   AII               Defense/Navy                         301-713-7160  Richard Wood
NWMW    121    WNRC          Washington National Records Center       301-457-7000  Alan Kramer
        121    WNRC          Supervisory Archives Specialist          301-457-7000  Orace R. Whitelock
NWMWA   129    WNRC            Accession & Disposal Branch            301-457-7035  Judith Barnes
NWMWM   G-3    WNRC              Supervisory Archives Specialist      301-457-7095  Andrew Jones
NWMWR   125    WNRC            Reference Service Branch               301-457-7010  Leanne Townsend
NWC     2800   AII         Access Programs                            301-713-6655  Sharon Thibodeau
NWCR    3W1E   AI            Records Control Staff                    202-501-5032  Robert B. Matchette
        604    AI             Supervisory Laborer                     202-501-5310  Lamar Dorsey
NWCD    B-23   AI            Product Development Staff                202-501-6065  Sandra Glasser
NWCDS   B-23   AI              National Archives Shop                 202-501-5235  Katherine Rinehart
NWCH    B-24   AI            Holdings Maintenance Staff               202-501-6947  T. Wayne Tracy
        2600   AII             Supervisory Archives Specialist        301-713-7169  Albert Robinson
NWCT    2600   AII           Textual Archives Services Division       301-713-7230  James J. Hastings
NWCTB   13W    AI              Old Military and Civil Records LICON   202-501-5385  Cynthia G. Fox
        11W    AI                Supervisory Archivist                202-501-5390  Richard Peuser
        11E    AI                Supervisory Archivist                202-501-5395  Aloha South
        5W     AI                Supervisory Archivist Specialist     202-501-5642  Gloratene Robinson
        5E     AI                Supervisory Archivist Technician     202-501-5641  Burnice Jackson
NWCTC   2600   AII             Civilian Records LICON                 301-713-7230  Clarence Lyons
        2600   AII               Supervisory Archivist                301-713-7230  James Rush
NWCTF   6350   AII             Special Access/FOIA LICON              301-713-6620  Steven Tilley
NWCTM   2400   AII             Modern Military Records LICON          301-713-7250  Timothy Nenninger
        2400   AII               Supervisory Archivist                301-713-7250  Kenneth W. Heger
NWCS    3320   AII           Special Medial Archives Services Div.    301-713-7030  Robert Richardson
        5360   AII             Supervisory Archivist                  301-713-6625  Edward McCarter
        3340   AII             Supervisory Archivist                  301-713-7050  Leslie Waffen
NWCC    2400   AII           Customer Services Division               301-713-6107  Diane Dimkoff
NWCCA   2500   AII             Archives Library Information Center    301-713-6778  Lida H. Churchville
NWCC1   406    AI              Archives I Research Support Branch     202-501-5403  Jo Ann Williamson
        406    AI                Supervisory Archivist                202-501-5403  Gary Morgan
        403    AI                Customer Service Center              202-501-5400
NWCC2   3400   AII             Archives II Research Support Branch    301-713-6800  Robert W. Coren
        1000   AII               Supervisory Archivist                301-713-6800  Vernon Smith
        1000   AII               Customer Service Center              301-713-6800
NWT     2800   AII         Preservation Programs                      301-713-6705  Doris A. Hamburg
NWT-R   2800   AII           National Preservation Program Officer    301-713-6705  Miranda Martin
NWTD    1901   AII           Document Conservation Laboratory         301-713-6700  Norvell Jones
        B-1    AI              Supervisory Conservator                202-501-5360  Mary L. Ritzenthaler
NWTS    B811   AII           Special Media Preservation Laboratory    301-713-7195  Clarence Simmons
        B815   AII             Supervisory Photo Preservation Spec.   301-713-6714  Richard Schneider
NWE     G-13   AI          Director, Museum Programs                  202-501-5210  Marvin Pinkert
        G-6    AI          Public Programs - AI                       202-501-5210  Marvin Pinkert
        3700   AII         Public Programs - AII                      301-713-6274  Marvin Pinkert
NWE-V   G-13   AI          Visitor and Volunteer Services             202-501-5205  Marvin Pinkert
NWEE    3700   AII           Education                                301-713-6274
NWEX    G-13   AI            Exhibits                                 202-501-5226  Chris Rudy Smith
NR      3600   AII       OFFICE OF REGIONAL RECORDS SERVICES          301-713-7200  Richard Claypoole
        3600   AII       Assistant for Operations                     301-713-7210  Gregory A. Pomicter
        3600   AII       Records Center Program Manager               301-713-7220  David Weinberg
NRA            BOSTON      Northeast Region                           781-647-8745  Diane LeBlanc
                           Assistant Regional Administrator           781-647-8109  Paul Wester
NRABA                          Director, Archival Operations          781-647-8102  James K. Owens
NRABC                          Director, Records Center Operations    781-647-8108  Paul J. Palermo
NRABR                          Director, Records Management Prog.     781-647-8104  Stephanie Fawcett
NRAP           PITTSFIELD    Pittsfield Facility                      413-445-6885  Edmund Kelly
NRAN           NY            New York Facility                        212-337-1300  Robert C. Morris
NRB            PHIL-NE     Mid-Atlantic Region                        215-671-8005  Thomas Mills
               PHIL-CC     Assistant Regional Administrator           215-597-9752  Robert Plowman
NRBPA          PHIL-CC         Director, Archival Operations          215-597-0921  Kellee Blake
NRBPC          PHIL-NE         Director, Records Center Operations    215-671-8074  David Roland
NRBPM          PHIL-NE         Director, Records Management Prog.     215-671-1175  David Weber
NRC            ATLANTA     Southeast Region                           404-763-7438  James McSweeney
                           Assistant Regional Administrator           404-763-7524  Vacant
NRCAA                          Director, Archival Operations          404-763-7065  Charles Reeves
NRCAC                          Director, Records Center Operations    404-763-7477  Gina Williams
NRCAR                          Director, Records Management Prog.     404-763-7061  Gregory Schildmeyer
NRD            CHICAGO     Great Lakes Region                         773-581-7816  David E. Kuehl
                           Assistant Regional Administrator           773-581-9688  Denis Paskauskas
NRDA                           Director, Archival Operations          773-581-7816  Peter Bunce
NRDC                           Director, Records Center Operations    773-581-7816  Pam Wegner
NRDR                           Director, Records Management Prog.     773-581-7816  Joseph Suster
NRDD           DAYTON        Dayton Facility                          937-225-2852  David Cornelisse
NRE            KC          Central Plains Region                      816-926-6920  R. Reed Whitaker
                           Assistant Regional Administrator           816-478-7079  John Allshouse
NREKA                          Director, Archival Operations          816-926-6920  Diana Duff
NREKC                          Director, Records Center Operations    816-926-6920  Linda Stubbs
NREKR                          Director, Records Management Prog.     816-926-6920  Mark Corriston
NREL           LEE'S SUMMIT  Lee's Summit Facility                    816-478-7079  Dean Donovan
                               Director, Records Center Operations    816-478-7079  Dean Donovan
NRF            FT WORTH    Southwest Region                           817-334-5515  Kent C. Carter
                           Assistant Regional Administrator           817-334-5515  Bobbie Hampton
NRFFA                          Director, Archival Operations          817-334-5515  Meg Hacker
NRFFC                          Director, Records Center Operations    817-334-5515  Leonard Harmon
NRFFR                          Director, Records Management Prog.     817-334-5515  John Smith
NRG            DENVER      Rocky Mountain Region                      303-236-0804  Barbara Voss
                           Assistant Regional Administrator           303-236-0801  Joel Barker
NRGDA                          Director, Archival Operations          303-236-0817  Eileen Bolger
NRGDC                          Director, Records Center Operations    303-236-0827  Genola Smith
NRGDR                          Director, Records Management Prog.     303-236-0822  Mark Ferguson
NRH            SF          Pacific Region                             650-876-9249  Shirley J. Burton
                           Assistant Regional Administrator           650-876-9015  David Drake
NRHSA                          Director, Archival Operations          650-876-9005  Dan Nealand
NRHSC                          Director, Records Center Operations    650-876-9015  Gary Cramer
NRHSR                          Director, Records Management Prog.     650-876-9084  Richard Boyden
NRHL           LAGUNA        Laguna Niguel Facility                   949-360-6334  Daniel Bennett
NRHLA                          Director, Archival Operations          949-360-2640  Paul Wormser
NRHLC                          Director, Records Center Operations    949-360-2618  Bruce MacVicar
NRHLR                          Director, Records Management Prog.     949-360-2621  Ann Cummings
NRI            SEATTLE     Pacific Alaska Region                      206-526-6501  Steven Edwards
                           Assistant Regional Administrator           206-526-6501  Candace Lein-Hayes
NRISA                          Director, Archival Operations          206-526-6501  Sue Karren
NRISC                          Director, Records Center Operations    206-526-6501  Steve Ourada
NRISR                          Director, Records Management Prog.     206-526-6501  Candace Lein-Hayes (A)
NRIA           ANCHORAGE     Anchorage Facility                       907-271-2443  Thomas E. Wiltsey
NRP            NPRC        National Personnel Records Center          314-538-4201  Ronald L. Hindman
NRPS           NPRC          Management Systems Staff                 314-538-4281  Deborah L. Hilton
NRPC           NPRC-CIV      Assistant Director for Civilian Records  314-538-5722  Clifford G. Amsler
NRPCO          NPRC-CIV        Civilian Operations Branch             314-538-5725  Vacant
NRPCR          NPRC-CIV        Reference Service Branch               314-538-5751  William Bassman
NRPM           NPRC-MIL      Assistant Director for Military Records  314-538-4247  Scott Levins
NRPMO          NPRC-MIL        Military Operations Branch             314-538-4248  John Carver
NRPMF          NPRC-MIL        Air Force Reference Branch             314-538-4282  Marcia Haley
NRPMA          NPRC-MIL        Army Reference Branch                  314-538-4157  Virginia Barrett
NRPMN          NPRC-MIL        Navy Reference Branch                  314-538-4166  Robert C. Rootz
NRPMR          NPRC-MIL        Records Reconstruction Branch          314-538-4233  Thelma Martin
NRPMR-P        NPRC-MIL          Philippine Army Section              314-538-4350  Yvonne Watson

NL      2200   AII       OFFICE OF PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARIES             301-713-6050  David F. Peterson
NL      2200   AII       Deputy Assist. Arch. for Pres. Libraries     301-713-6050  Sharon K. Fawcett
NLMS    104    AI            Presidential Materials Staff             202-501-5700  Nancy Kegan Smith
        2W     AI              Staff                                  202-501-5705
NLNS    1320   AII           Nixon Presidential Materials Staff       301-713-6950  Karl Weissenbach
NLHH                       Herbert Hoover Library                     319-643-5301  Timothy G. Walch
NLFDR                      Franklin D. Roosevelt Library              845-229-8114  Cynthia M. Koch
NLHST                      Harry S. Truman Library                    816-833-1400  Scott Roley (A)
NLDDE                      Dwight D. Eisenhower Library               785-263-4751  Daniel D. Holt
NLJFK                      John F. Kennedy Library                    617-929-4500  Maria Stanwich (A)
NLLBJ                      Lyndon Baines Johnson Library              512-916-5137  Harry J. Middleton
NLGRF                      Gerald R. Ford Library                     734-741-2218  Dennis A. Daellenbach
NLGRFM                     Gerald R. Ford Museum                      616-451-9263  Dennis A. Daellenbach
NLJC                       Jimmy Carter Library                       404-331-3942  Jay E. Hakes
NLRR                       Ronald Reagan Library                      800-410-8354  R. Duke Blackwood
NLGB                       George Bush Library                        979-260-9552  Edward Douglas Menarchik
NLCP                       Clinton Presidential Materials Project     501-244-9756  David E. Alsobrook

                         CONTRACTOR SERVICES
SECURE  1250   AII         Securiguard - AII                          301-713-6480
        G-4    AI          Securiguard - AI                           202-501-5023
CESI    B530   AII         Consolidated Engineering Serv., Inc. - AII 301-713-6508  Cheryl Gwinn
        B530   AII           Administrative                           301-713-6503  Tom Scanlon
        B536   AII           Cleaning Service                         301-713-6969  Marcia Clark
        1100   AII           Child Care                               301-713-6890  Leitha Wilson
        B513   AII           Fitness Center                           301-713-7298  Adele Federico
        B-14   AI          Consolidated Engineering Serv., Inc. - AI  202-501-5015  Frank Cantwell
        B-25   AI            Cleaning Service                         202-501-5015  Faye Hamilton
        18N    AI            Fitness Center                           301-713-7298  Holly Low
THO     1076   AII         Thompson Hospitality                       301-713-6966  Johnny Brooks
PHS     1500   AII         Nurse - AII                                301-713-6688  Carol Walker
        G-2    AI          Nurse - AI                                 202-501-5035  Cindy Sitko
        126    WNRC        Nurse - WNRC                               301-457-7021  Linda Campbell
SIGNAL  4320   AII         Signal/RMS                                 301-713-6895  Shelby Shepherd
IMPACT  4320  AII          Impact                                     301-713-6895  Joe Verghese
        4320   AII         Help Desk - AII                            301-713-6996
        B-31   AI          Help Desk - AI                             202-501-5150
FOU     B840   AII         Faifax Opportunities Unltd. Mail - AII     301-713-6960  Ed Scott
        B-15   AI          Faifax Opportunities Unltd. Mail - AI      202-501-5190  Janet Anderson

This mailing list provides worldwide distribution of Military Health
System (MHS), TRICARE, and other military-health related news and infor-
mation.  See bottom of message for sources of TRICARE assistance and
information, and mailing list subscription/unsubscription instructions.

Who's your TRICARE contractor? That depends on where you live. Here's a list
TRICARE regions, what states/areas they include, and the names, claims
addresses, telephone numbers and Web Site:s of the contractors for each
Generally, claims addresses and telephone numbers are for the firms that are
sub-contracted to process claims for each regional TRICARE contractor.

#Region 1 (Northeast)-includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York,
Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, certain northern Virginia ZIP codes
located near the Washington, D.C., area, and a few ZIP codes in northeastern
West Virginia.

  Contractor: Sierra Military Health Services, Inc.
  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-888-999-5195
  Claims Mailing Address: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7011, Camden, SC 29020-7011
  Toll-free Phone for Claims: 1-800-578-1294
  Contractor's Web Site:
  Claims Processor's Web Site:

#Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic)-includes North Carolina and most of Virginia,
except a
small part of northern Virginia that's in Region 1.

  Contractor: Anthem Alliance for Health, Inc.
  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-800-931-9501
  Claims Mailing Address: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7021, Camden, SC 29020-7021
  Toll-free Phone for Claims: 1-800-493-1613
  Contractor's Web Site:
  Claims Processor's Web Site:

#Regions 3 (Southeast) and 4 (Gulf South)-includes Florida, Georgia, South
Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, the eastern third of Louisiana,
which includes New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and a small part of northeastern
Arkansas that's in the Naval Hospital, Millington, Tenn., service area.

  Contractor: Humana Military Healthcare Services
  Toll-free Phone Numbers for Information: 1-800-444-5445 (Beneficiary
Services); 1-800-333-4040 (Health Care Finder)
  Claims Mailing Addresses for Claims Related to:
  Resource Sharing: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7033, Camden, SC 29020-7033
  Mental Health: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7034, Camden, SC 29020-7034
  Active Duty: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7035, Camden, SC 29020-7035
  PFPWD (Disabilities): Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7036, Camden, SC 29020-7036
  Adjunctive Dental Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7037, Camden, SC 29020-7037
  All Other Claims Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7031, Camden, SC 29020-7031
  Toll-free Phone for Claims: 1-800-403-3950
  Contractor's Web Site:
  Claims Processor's Web Site:

#Region 5 (Heartland)-includes Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,
Kentucky, a small part of Tennessee, the St. Louis area in Missouri, and
of West Virginia except for a small section of the eastern part of the state
that's included in Region 1.

  Contractor: Anthem Alliance for Health, Inc.
  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-800-941-4501
  Claims Mailing Address: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 7021, Camden, SC 29020-7021
  Toll-free Phone for Claims: 1-800-493-1613
  Contractor's Web Site:
  Claims Processor's Web Site:

#Region 6 (Southwest)-includes Oklahoma, Arkansas except for a small piece
northeastern Arkansas that's in the Naval Hospital, Millington, Tenn.,
area, most of Texas except for a triangular piece of the southwestern part
the state that includes El Paso, and approximately the western two-thirds of
Louisiana, generally west of Baton Rouge.

  Contractor: Health Net Federal Services
  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-800-406-2832
  Claims Mailing Address: WPS, P.O. Box 8999, Madison, WI 53708-8999
  Toll-free Phone for Claims: 1-800-406-2832
  Contractor's Web Site:

#Central Region (formerly known as Regions 7 and 8)-includes Arizona,
New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Nevada, North and South
Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, most of Idaho except for six counties in
northern Idaho, that piece of southwestern Texas that includes El Paso, and
Missouri-except for the St. Louis area, which is in Region 5.

  Contractor: TriWest Healthcare Alliance
  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-888-874-9378
  Claims Mailing Addresses by State:
  Arizona: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870026, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-8726
  New Mexico: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870032, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-8732
  Colorado: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870027, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-8727
  Wyoming: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870126, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9726
  Montana: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870127, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9727
  Minnesota: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870129, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9729
  Iowa: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870029, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-8729
  Kansas: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870030, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-8730
  Missouri: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870130, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9730
  Nebraska: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870128, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9728
  Nevada: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870033, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-8733
  North Dakota: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870031, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-8731
  South Dakota: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870131, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9731
  Utah: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870132, Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9732
  Southwest Texas: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870133, Surfside Beach, SC
  Most of Idaho: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870028, Surfside Beach, SC
  NOTE: The following six counties in northern Idaho are in Region 11
(Northwest): Benewah,     Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai, Latah, and Shoshone.
  Toll-free Phone for Claims: 1-800-225-4816
  Contractor's Web Site:
  Claims Processor's Web Site:

#Regions 9 (Southern California) and 10 (Golden Gate)-includes California
and the Yuma, Ariz., area.

  Contractor: Health Net Federal Services
  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-800-242-6788
  Claims Address: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870001, Surfside Beach, SC
  Toll-free Phone for Claims: 1-800-930-2929
  Contractor's Web Site:
  Claims Processor's Web Site:

#Region 11 (Northwest)-includes Washington, Oregon, and the following six
counties in northern Idaho: Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai, Latah, and

  Contractor: Health Net Federal Services
  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-800-404-0110
  Claims Address: WPS, TRICARE-NW, P.O. Box 8929, Madison, WI 53708-8929
  Toll-free Phone for Claims: 1-800-404-0110
  Contractor's Web Site:

#Pacific Region-includes Hawaii, Alaska, and the Western Pacific/Far East.

  Contractor for Alaska/Hawaii: Health Net Federal Services
  Toll-free Phone for Alaska/Hawaii Information: 1-800-242-6788
  Claims Address for Alaska/Hawaii: Palmetto GBA, P.O. Box 870001, Surfside
Beach, SC 29587-8701
  Toll-free Phone for Alaska/Hawaii Claims: 1-800-930-2929
  Alaska/Hawaii Contractor's Web Site:
  Claims Processor's Web Site:

#Western Pacific/Far East-includes China, Thailand, Korea, Australia, Japan,

  Toll-free Phone for Western Pacific/Far East Information: 1-888-777-8343
  Claims Address for Western Pacific/Far East: WPS, P.O. Box 7985, Madison,
    USA 53707-7985
  Phone Number for Western Pacific/Far East Claims: (608) 224-2727

#TRICARE Europe-includes Europe, Africa and the Middle East
  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-888-777-8343
  Claims Mailing Address: WPS, P.O. Box 8976, Madison, WI USA 53708-8976
    Phone Number for Claims: (608) 224-2727

#TRICARE Latin America and Canada-includes Canada, Mexico, Central
America, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and West Indies

  Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-888-777-8343
  Claims Mailing Address: WPS, P.O. Box 7985, Madison, WI USA 53707-7985
  Phone Number for Claims: (608) 224-2728


o  TRICARE DENTAL PLAN (for active-duty families, and for reservists and
   Contractor: United Concordia Companies, Inc.
   Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-800-866-8499
   Toll-free Phone for Enrollment Applications and Information:
   Contractor's Web Site:

   Contractor: Delta Dental
   Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-888-838-8737
   Contractor's Web Site:

   Contractor: Merck-Medco
   Toll-free Phone for Information: 1-800-903-4680
   Contractor's Web Site:

No matter which of the TRICARE health care options or programs you decide to
use, be sure you understand the rules under which they operate. Get copies
any available brochures, fact sheets or handbooks that pertain to the option
program you select. You can usually get informational materials from the
benefits adviser (HBA) at the nearest military treatment facility, from the
beneficiary counseling and assistance coordinator (BCAC) at your TRICARE
region's lead agent office, or from the regional TRICARE contractor's local
TRICARE service center or Web Site:. You'll also find information on the
Military Health System/TRICARE Web Site at

NOTE:  BCAC directory is also available at


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